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Metal expansion joints

We offer a full range of expansion joints with bellows made of stainless steel or special materials.

  • General-purpose expansion joints
  • Axial and lateral expansion joints
  • Angular expansion joints
  • Ball-joint compensators / expansion joints
  • With single, double and multiwalled metal bellows
  • Standardized connecting dimensions (e.g. DIN flanges or welded nipples) or with special connecting elements
  • Special models on request
  • Checking of operating and installation conditions

Metal expansion joints

Designing and manufacturing metal bellows demand very special expertise. As our image shows here, many aspects must be considered, depending on area of application and relevant specifications. This includes selection of materials, design of the spring constant, and attachment of the flange for a compensator.

Metal bellows have many functions:

  • Pressure / displacement or temperature / displacement transducers in measuring and control engineering
  • Maintenance-free hermetic sealing of valve spindles
  • Self-aligning coupling for rotating shafts
  • Three-dimensionally movable pipework joints in appliances and assemblies
  • Remotely controllable, pneumatic or hydraulic actuating elements
  • Hermetical, movable seals for lead-throughs to rooms with a dangerous or radioactively contaminated atmosphere
  • Basic element for expansion joints
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