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The use of stainless steel and other metal alloys offers the safety and reliability demanded by customers for numerous applications. As a company with years of experience the SKODOCK Group will be your partner for metal bellows, metal expansion joints and metal hoses.

We apply four manufacturing techniques: mechanical roll-forming, rubber-pressure processes (forming with elastomers), hydroforming processes, and expanding processes (EXPAN).

In each case a plasma-welded tube forms the basis for the process. The material is corrugated to ensure its flexibility, with these corrugations being created in several stages.

A metal bellows always acts as the basic element. One, two or more^may be used depending on the model.

These components are used to manufacture an expansion joint in conjunction with the type of connection required. We effectively support our customers: e.g., by offering DIN flanges and welded nipples or special connecting elements as well.

The engineers at the SKODOCK Group can be relied to come up with the perfect configuration for every application.

The heart of a metal hose is a corrugated tube. To ensure that the tube can withstand high pressure, it is equipped with metal braiding, which is produced with one or more layers depending on the application.

The SKODOCK Group manufactures the metal braiding and slip protection? with the help of high-tech machinery. Here it uses rustproof steel wire as well as bronze wire as slip protection, with electrical insulation.

The production process patented for the SKODOCK Group guarantees for our customers reliable components with an outstanding service life of many years.

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