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Our advanced machinery pool allows the use of optimal production processes, for every single order. The results speak for themselves: satisfaction of the most demanding of quality standards, and greater flexibility in the dimensions of the component parts and in lot sizes.

Work at SKODOCK originally began with the roll-forming process. At SKODOCK, ongoing development of machines and tools always keeps up with technical progress. Valuable experience gained from decades of manufacturing culminates today in creation of products at top levels of perfection. These results are made possible by skilful machine operators – who are required still today to contribute a great deal to production processes in the form of manual craftsmanship.

  • Production by individual, strictly defined forming steps with especially constructed pre- and post-roll-forming processes
  • Forming, beginning with the initial piping, toward the inside and outside
  • Complete production of metal bellows in the nominal diameters DN 4 to DN 400
  • As a rule, production of bellows with customized dimensions, without excessive cost

In these rubber-pressure processes, the machine tools have modular configurations, such that they can be structurally adapted effectively to meet specific customer requirements. In the production of smaller lots as well – or for products in special forms (e.g., elliptical or oval metal bellows) – this process is highly cost-effective.

  • Dry forming by means of elastomers, toward the inside and outside
  • Individual forming of the metal-bellows shafts
  • Single- or multiple-wall models, according to requirements
  • Nominal diameters: DN 10 to DN 250

Since the machine tools in hydroforming structurally require a great deal more effort and expense, we recommend this process for large-volume lots – and for contracts for which SKODOCK Group already has been provided with the part dimensions.

  • For highest-precision metal bellows for diameters DN 10 to DN 1200
  • Pipe cylinders are sealed at their ends and are hydraulically formed in a so-called tool cassette
  • Forming takes place from the inside toward the outside, with savings in material
  • Complete in one step of work – if requested, also with especially designed ends
  • The wall structural design is from the outside toward the inside – with single or multiple walls

When metal bellows with very large nominal diameters are involved, the EXPAN process is the method of choice. As a rule, it is also possible with this process, without great expense, to manufacture customized metal bellows with special diameters and shaft depths.

  • Mechanical expanding processes in radial direction, with subsequent rolling step
  • For large nominal diameters: beginning at DN 200 and up to DN 2600
  • Dry forming, from the inside toward the outside
  • Post-forming removal of individual shafts in multiple stages by wedge jacks or cones
  • Single or multiple walls
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