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With the certification of the entire SKODOCK Group in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001, both in Germany and the Czech Republic, sustainable environmental protection is firmly anchored in the management of the company. And even more important: SKODOCK colleagues daily implement this philosophy with their dynamic activities.

It is not only with respect to our following generations that there are many reasons not to waste any time in realising sustainable and environmentally harmonious corporate action. SKODOCK Group fully meets its responsibility by an intelligent and systematic, practically dedicated policy of environmental management.

This is not a matter of simply satisfying current legal requirements. SKODOCK and ELASTEFLEX have set their standards higher. The teams of these companies do their best not only to observe limit values, but also to fall considerably within them – wherever and whenever this is possible.

Exemplary environmental management has many aspects:

  • Resource conservation
  • Protection of staff and people in the region
  • Greater legal security
  • Optimization of processes
  • Cost savings
  • Assurance of plant viability
  • Enhanced cooperation with government authorities
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